WRCB TV3's Studio Remodel

Readers in the Chattanooga area might have seen Channel 3’s big reveal of their new studio. The studio remodel was a half-million dollar project that employed several local crews, including Concrete Repair Specialist. The remodel was conducted in part to bring the studio up to the standards of their new HD broadcast. We were hired by Channel 3 to install a beautiful new floor. The design elements of the floor were meant to mimic the sensation of looking down on the ocean from the window of an airplane. The design was chosen to echo the TV3 logo and color scheme, and the results were stunning! 

Channel 3's floor before epoxy:

And After!:

The application of the floor required several complex steps. The preliminary grind prep involved using a planetary grinder to remove the old floor and prepare the surface for the application of the new floor. 

Then, the floor was cleaned and the black primer, which provides a richness of color, was applied. 

After applying the primer, spike shoes were worn while rolling out “True Blue” HyperREZ FloorGuard thick-bodied Metallic Flake epoxy. 

In order to achieve the desired effect, our crew manipulated the epoxy as it dried. The back-rolling technique created the illusion of waves in the surface of the epoxy. The epoxy includes metallic particles that look like glitter, and by stirring it and then applying over the previous coat we were able to simulate a seemingly 3D cloud effect.

Panoramic View of TV3 Studio

A similar epoxy coating could be applied in your home or business in silver, black, medium brown or a rich bronze color. 

Concrete Repair Specialist was thrilled to be a part of the TV3 remodel because Channel 3 is a nerve center for the Chattanooga community. We wanted the feeling of walking into the studio to be an experience of entering a place where the magic happens, walking with clouds at your feet. We at Concrete Repair Specialists grew up watching Channel 3, and we were honored to be a part of their move toward the future of television. 

Don't forget to tune in to Channel 3 on Monday, April 21st to catch Concrete Repair Specialist, featured on 3 Plus You, Chattanooga's lifestyle show. 

Tire Marks on Stained Concrete Driveways

It is virtually impossible to prevent tire marks from forming on driveways that have been stained or sealed with a product that contains acrylic and/or solvent components. Since most of today’s higher quality solvent based stains and sealers contain hydrocarbons in the form of Xylene and acrylic resin, it is highly probable that tire marks will form if the family vehicles area allowed to sit on the driveway, for any appreciable amount of time.


Automobile tires are a blend of a number of ingredients. The primary components are rubber, aromatic oils, wax and plasticizers. Pure rubber is hard, and as such, aromatic oils and plasticizers must be added to make the rubber soft. The wax is used to give the tire sidewalls protection and resiliency. This soft blended rubber is what provides a comfortable ride and improved performance. Unfortunately, the oil, plasticizer and wax have the ability to migrate from the tire if the right conditions exist. One of these conditions is the presence of Xylene solvent and acrylic resin in driveway coatings. Those black tire marks that you see on the driveway are mostly the oils and plasticizers and only a small amount of rubber. The oils and plasticizers are drawn to the hydrocarbons in the solvent and acrylic much the same way that water is drawn into a dry sponge.  The good news is that these oils and plasticizers are only on the surface of the pigmented sealers and not penetrated into the concrete, and can be easily removed. Liquid dishwashing soap and a stiff bristled brush, such as the acid brush, it usually all that is needed to remove these marks.


Tire marks will show on a newly stained driveway. Driveways are an area that must be maintained on a monthly basis in order to keep it looking fresh and new, much the same as washing or vacuuming interior floors

2014 Tri-State Home Show

The Tri-State Home Show is one of the most respected in the construction trade, retail home products and service industry. CRS will be exhibiting at the show. We are excited about showing Chattanooga the services that we offer for decorative concrete and concrete repairs. If you are planning to attend the Home Show, come by and visit our booth. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the HBAGC's 2014 Tri-State Home Show website.

2014 Tri-State Home Show

Pool and Spa Landscapes for 2014

The Total Backyard Environment

Backyard poolscapes are the hottest thing this season because they take a pool from average to extraordinary. Fire and water features are prevalent, making 2014 the year to put in that spa addition or some decorative touches.

Photo Credit:

Water gardens, waterfalls, built-in spas and scuppers are among the most popular decorative and functional additions this year.

Scuppers by Artistic Pools in Atlanta

Waterfall by Artistic Pools

Water Garden by Okeanos Aquascaping

Take your pool to the next level by building it into a beautiful backyard environment, which provides a breathtaking entertainment venue. 

Artistic Pools

All the Comfort of Home

2014 is all about the ease and luxury of owning your own pool. Bring your backyard to the cutting edge with high-tech features like an iPhone app which allows you to turn on your spa before you get home, ensuring that its hot and bubbling when you arrive. 

Do you love to entertain? Consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your poolscape! Make your poolside more comfortable than your living room with plush patio furniture and functional features like a fireplace or a wet bar. 

Artistic Pools

Go Green in 2014

Save your monthly energy bill and the ozone layer. Geothermal technology heats and cools your pool (and your home!) for a fraction of the monthly expense. Environmentally friendly pool cleaners are also more popular than ever this season. 

On Deck

The real innovations are taking place around the pool. Decorative concrete overlays add to the overall feel of your pool. 

Photo Courtesy of Stamped Concrete

Give your pool an edge!

Infinity Edge by Artistic Pools

Beach Entry by Elite Weiler Pools

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